Recession Or Reorder?

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 5 december 2008

If you’re worried about the state of business today, perhaps we could encourage you to be excited about the state of innovation. While the world seems to be going to the wall there does seem to be something deeper going on. The challenges we face economically are forcing change especially encouraging a shift towards the use of digital media. Here are some examples that seem to highlight a reorder:

Blogs turn into serious publications and thrive while newspapers continue to slump. In fact, the Huffington Post online news site gets a market valuation above many newspapers.

Mobile internet access booms and the top 100 iPhone app makers make on average $2.60 per sale.

Apple sales are ok and attendees to MacWorld up while sales on other electronics fall.

Digital music sales are up (but might not save the industry) while hyper-controlled big album releases from big bands flop and CDs die.

Magazines that we want to read are hiring while old ones are firing.

Online shopping search rises and online spending remains steady while retail sales are the worst in 39 years.

Downloads of film thrive while DVDs slump. YouTube offers TV on the web while NBC can’t sell Super Bowl spots for TV.

But maybe the way to overcome the recession is to not only about going digital. Maybe it’s time to go international: US TV show overseas viewership booms; Asia becomes the big market for fine wines and the home of indie rock.

Alternatively we could just stay at home: Restaurants have slumped while doing good things naked is rocking. ;)

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