Saved from the Junkyard: Jumbo Jet Becomes a Hostel

Saved from the Junkyard: Jumbo Jet Becomes a Hostel
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 30 december 2008

Passengers needing a place to say near the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport will soon have a new room for the night option. Opening January 15th, the Jumbo Hostel will become the worlds first jet to hostel conversion. The Boeing 747 began life in 1976 and over the past few months has undergone an extreme renovation. When completed the Jumbo Hostel will feature 25 rooms, four of which will be inside the original engines that hang off the wings. The flight deck is being converted into a private suite. The plane’s original lounge area and cafe are going to remain intact.

This is the budget price alternative Arlanda has needed for quite a long time and also a new landmark at Arlanda offering a unique experience for the guests, says  Jumbo Hostel owner, Oscar Diös.

The cost to stay a night at the Jumbo Hostel is about $170. Diös ultimately hopes to take the Jumbo Hostel concept and roll it out to other airports around the world.

[via the guardian]


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