Stockholm on Its Way to Becoming “Emissions Free” by 2030

Stockholm on Its Way to Becoming “Emissions Free” by 2030
Christine Huang
  • 15 december 2008

Stockholm is on its way to becoming one of the world’s first “emissions-free cities”, recently unveiling two permanent electric car charging stations in its city bounds with the promise of introducing 100 new stations in upcoming years. Supplied by Finnish utility Fortum, the first stations are free to use and offer free parking in front of the post (as of now, however, customers should expect to wait up to 8 hours (!) to fully recharge their drained battery).

The charging stations are part of the city’s green initiative to become an emissions free city (in terms of car traffic) by 2030. Fortum is doing its part by researching new SMS/ATM payment methods and accelerated charging systems for implementation in future stations.

Treehugger offers more details on how an increase in electric cars/charging stations will reduce Stockholm’s eco-footprint:

Are electric cars CO2 free in Stockholm?
Fortum and the City of Stockholm are calculating that average Swedish cars emit 180 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, while an electric car would take between .1 nd .2 kWh of electricity per kilometer. With the current mix of electricity generation sources in the Scandinavian network, this would mean an average of between 9 – 18 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer – so emissions would drop to between 10 and 20 percent of a regular car. If cars charged up with certified green energy, that number would drop to near zero, Fortum said.

Both Fortum and the City of Stockholm are themselves switching their internal car fleets to electric hybrids – they hope to have half of their fleets switched by 2015. Right now only about 300 cars in all of Sweden could use the posts. The City of Stockholm also has as a goal that traffic should be much quieter by 2030, and that the electricity used in the charging posts will be either carbon neutral or from an alternative source, such as wind.

Treehugger: Stockholm Leaps into Electric Infrastructure

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