Consider any free time you thought you had gone for the foreseeable future, as you spend your days wandering through the virtual halls of what might be the world's largest museum (…of museums).  The Museum of Online Museums is a project begun by Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio based in Chicago, as a means of preserving and sharing the vast array of the Internet's archives that span the culturally significant to the obsessively bizarre. The “galleries” which are updated continuously, but are additionally overhauled once a quarter, are broken up into four sections: “The Museum Campus” featuring content from actual museums with interesting online presences, “The Permanent Collection” displaying links that focus on design and advertising, “The Galleries, Exhibition and Shows” section is the most diverse, highlighting the minutiae often found on personal web pages and finally “The Benefactors' Gallery” a (soon to be added) guide assembling noteworthy collections handpicked by the Board of Directors. As of the writing of this piece, we've already lost ourselves on a page dedicated to vintage Blue Note Album Covers as well as a compendium of typewriters from way back when.  Those interested in supporting the museum are invited to make a donation of $25 that along with a coffee mug, entitles you to a spot on the Board of Directors with the opportunity to share your online treasures with the rest of the world.

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