Designer A. J. Bocchino has found a unique way to recycle old issues of the New York Times. He takes assorted headlines from 1990 to 2005 and creates colorful rolls of wallpaper out of them. The headlines are arranged chronologically and subjects are grouped and color coded by theme. Although the source material for these one of a kind works of art is cheap, the final product is pricey – a roll will run you $1000.

Bocchino explains his process:

I collect headlines from the New York Times and use them as data for systems that generate complex networks and forms. The headlines are organized chronologically and color-coded according to subject. Global, national, and local events generate a continuous stream of news from which color patterns emerge. The actions of George Bush, Michael Bloomberg, the United Nations, Israel, Palestine, and North Korea, among others, all serve as raw material and influence the structure of my work.

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