Archaic Innovation: Forget Lawn Mowers, Bring In the Goats

Archaic Innovation: Forget Lawn Mowers, Bring In the Goats
Dan Gould
  • 15 january 2009

Mesa, Arizona is putting a herd of 80 goats to work to do some heavy duty landscaping in place of polluting, gas powered tools. Mesa’s Utilities Department has recently approved a contract with Eco Goats to clear out 30 acres of brush surrounding a local waste water treatment plant. Goats are well known as the ravenously hungry, non-discriminate eaters of the animal kingdom, which is why they are perfect for this project. The goats are able to navigate the difficult terrain of the plant’s retention pond and get at hard to reach places that power tools couldn’t normally reach. They are also extremely thorough, eating the seeds which mowing and pesticides leave behind, preventing unwanted vegetation from returning next year.

[via Treehugger]

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