Archives of Dope: An Interview With Justin Saunders of JJJJound

Archives of Dope: An Interview With Justin Saunders of JJJJound
Dan Gould
  • 28 january 2009

“The blog posts will have no titles. The photos will be random. No text either. Just great photos. (BTW, this is going to be your favorite blog)”

These are nearly the only words found on the cryptic photo blog JJJJound. Started in 2008, it’s a simple Blogspot hosted site which acts as a curated scrapbook housing an eclectic array of images. Content-wise, JJJJound is a mix of fashion, music, architecture, interiors, landscapes, luxury, luggage, cars and more. An image of collectible watches on a silver platter will precede a picture of Charlton Heston holding a rifle followed by an old map. There isn’t the randomness associated with an image collection site like FFFFound, but instead a kind of hidden narrative – or at least the viewers’ mind can easily create one.

As the site gained in popularity, no one knew who was curating the content until a New York Times blog post peeled back the curtain of anonymity. It turns out JJJJound was the creation of Justin Saunders, a designer from Montreal — who’s ended up with a gig writing for the New York Times Moment Blog as a result of his tasteful picks. PSFK recently chatted with Justin to see what inspires his work.

Your site is a bit of a mystery. What do you do, what’s your background?

There’s no mystery behind the site, it’s an online archive of things that inspire me.  Things I like and will surround myself with throughout my life.  As for me, I’m 26 years old and I’m currently living in Montreal. I freelance graphic design and fashion-stuff like styling yes…  As a kid I played with Lego’s day in, day out, building city’s in my room only to destroy them and start over.  If I wasn’t playing with Lego’s, I was drawing in the van while we traveled Europe.  I basically do the same thing as a man and yes I still draw in planes and trains.

How do you go about finding these images, what informs your taste and what you find noteworthy? What’s the method, or is it random?

I have a great Rss list that I go through, just like most of us.  I quickly browse through the list dragging the images I like on my desktop.  Then when I find the time, I post them online.  That’s it really.

What’s the goal of JJJJound, of collecting these images -what do you want to get out of the site?

JJJJ is basically my archive of dope. Most people have their version of jjjjound in folders on their computer. As for what I expect from the site, I already got a whole lot more out of it than I thought I would. I mean JJJJ is my homework, just so happens I share my scrapbook.

What are 5 pieces of classic inspiration, and 5 pieces of fresh stuff you’re digging?

That’s a hard question…  I guess my biggest inspiration in life, what drives me the most, is beauty.  So the classics for me would be Women, Traveling, Nature, Design, and Simplicity… Does that make any sense?

As for the five things I’m digging right now, I guess you’ll have to wait for my next post on The Moment.  It should be posted soon enough…

Thanks Justin!

(images above of Justin’s Studio)

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