Christian Susana’s Modular Camper

Christian Susana’s Modular Camper
Design & Architecture
Dan Gould
  • 27 january 2009

We like Christian Susana’s stylish re-imagination of the camper as a modular combination of living /traveling components. Instead of the traditional one piece caravan, Susana’s design features a car that can detach from the living quarters, allowing for jaunts away from the campsite without towing the whole thing along for the ride. Besides the flexibility of living anywhere you can park, the interior space is made up of multi-functioning areas that further expand your options.

Susana explains:

“The Colim concept – an acronym meaning ‘colors of life in motion’ – is an intelligent mobility concept which stretches primarily the bridge between caravans, camper, lifestyle and business. Dubbed a ‘lifestyle motor home’, the cockpit can be disconnected from the usable living space. The livable area is flexible, with individually applicable multi function modules. Designed for two people (max. four persons), the motor home offers the possibility to personalize its four mobile ‘walls’ according to the present life situation of the user. This flexibility is not only limited to the living area, but also features in the cockpit.”

[Tuvie via Eco Friend]

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