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Collective Living & Learning
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Dan Gould
  • 29 january 2009

We’ve come across an interview by Holy Ghost Megazine with some members and participants from The Temporary School of Thought. They’re a group of squatters, formerly housed in an opulent London mansion who have started up a unique free school promoting open source learning. The interview gives some interesting insight into the unique dynamics and benefits of collective living and learning.

About the school:

HG: What exactly is the Temporary School of Thought?

LB: A school based on the ideal of the exchange of free knowledge, letting people come in, attend various workshops. If you feel there is something you would like to share then this is the place to voice that. Originally it was an artistic space to exhibit work, it has evolved though, there is no artistic discrimination here.

On collective living:

HG: Can you imagine yourself living back in a flat share?

LJ: Well its difficult, I always felt like i was missing something in flat share. Living with 2 miserable flat mates working 9-5, ignoring each other in-front of the tv in the evening. The social experience of squatting is something I would miss, but am i going to be doing this in 10 years time? I doubt it. I want to have made it in some way.

HG: Tell us about the experience you’ve had living here.

LJ: Temporary school of thought is a way we can engage with a community, its a positive way of using this space, they can get involved and put stuff on themselves. Yesterday was the best day I think weve had here at the temporary school. I walked into the building and it was just really nice you know, people playing the piano downstairs, there was a self defence class upstairs, a lovely enviroment.

Holy Ghost Megazine: “The Temporary School of Thought”

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