Connectivity at CES

Connectivity at CES
Nicko Margolies
  • 12 january 2009

CES, the largest consumer technology trade show, has served as a showcase for hundreds of new devices, many of which heavily rely on wireless and inter-connectivity.  At thee show’s opening keynote, Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, announced that by 2011 ninty percent of Sony products will be able to connect to the internet and each other.  The trend presented by dozens of manufactures at CES has been to introduce devices that reflect the growing reliance on wireless technologies, social networking and constant network accessibility.

Nokia is making a big push at this year’s show to present technology to collaborate and communicate better through web-conferencing, document sharing and device syncing.  Other companies, like Palm with their new Pre smartphone, are trying to emphasize the abilities of wireless technology and the ability to charge devices without power cables.   This now limited wireless technology, or “Wi-Tricity,” could hopefully make entire rooms electricity hotspots without the burden of wiring.  Much of the technology being presented at this year’s CES promises a more streamlined interaction with electronic devices and soon consumers will guide the marketplace for these products.

[via the Telelgraph, LBSzone and Paid Content]

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