Economy Down, Sex Industry Sales Up

Economy Down, Sex Industry Sales Up
Joel Horowitz
  • 7 january 2009

The adult toy industry is experiencing a surge of sales while the global economy falters, says Australian News. Anonymous web-purchasing power has obviously contributed, but the industry also employs some creative marketing efforts geared towards conservative consumers in mainstream magazines. Much like Viagra and Cialis’ tactical suave´, they’ve been busy inventing softer, less offensive names (relationship and intimacy care) and subtler, smarter packaging. Sales at American lubricant manufacturer, Wet, are up 30% this year alone, according to owner Michael Trygstad.

“We’re seeing countless new products being sold to a much larger audience than people realized. Even the more conservative retailers have begun to come around.”, says Louis Friedman, chief executive of Liberator, a maker of sex toys in the US.

Entrepreneurs are flocking to the sex trade with even once conservative manufacturers like Philips Electronics and Hitachi have joined in the vibrator business.

[via – Sex Industry Making It Through Hard Times As Recession Bites]

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