Electric Car Charging Stations Moving Forward in Denmark

Electric Car Charging Stations Moving Forward in Denmark
Dan Gould
  • 29 january 2009

Electric car infrastructure start-up Better Place has announced a recent round of funding totalling $135 million, which will help to ensure the company’s plans for a massive network of electric car charging stations in Denmark. The country has made owning an an electric car a lucrative proposition by charging no tax on the purchase of the car, as opposed to the 180% tax on a gas vehicle.

Silicon Alley Insider explains Better Place:

Better Place implements and oversees a system for countries wanting to wean themselves from gas powered autos. Rather than refuel your car at a gas station, Better Place wants to create battery switching stations where a driver would get a fresh battery when they were running low for long trips, as well as charging charging stations to power up the car on shorter trips and software to keep an eye on battery power.

For an in-depth look at the company, check out Wired’s recent profile.

Silicon Alley Insider: “Better Place Gets A Ton Of Money To Hurry Along Electric Cars In Denmark”

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