Evidence That Media is Thriving

Evidence That Media is Thriving
Dan Gould
  • 29 january 2009

Rick Webb and Noah Brier have launched The Media is Thriving on Twitter. Counteracting the incessant negative chatter speculating a media apocalypse, the duo has created the Twitter account to post positive pieces of news about the media business. A great re-focusing effort to remind us that all is not lost.

Webb explains:

I don’t buy that the media companies are doing any worse than other industries in this economic downturn.

I don’t equate “the newspaper industry” with “the media.”

I don’t buy that it’s ALL doom and gloom out there.

I remember in economics classes in college learning about the depression, and how it wasn’t what I had in my mind. Even at the peak unemployment rate, 3 out of 4 people had jobs. I always imagined EVERYONE being unemployed.

I also think that a LOT of internet people have no concept of just how much money goes through the media companies. Time warner collected THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS last year. Even if you take out their insanely large, profitable, growing cable division, their revenues are still 4 times Google’s. It’s madness.

What we have going on is a re-alignment. In re-alignments, there are losers, yes. But there are also winners. To give some balance, we should be focusing on them too.

Barbarian Blog: “The Media is Thriving”

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