Hub Culture’s 2009 Zeitgeist Ranking

Hub Culture’s 2009 Zeitgeist Ranking
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 22 january 2009

Consulting group and global social network Hub Culture has just released their 2009 Zeitgeist Ranking. Culled from observations, discussions and various intel gathered from Hub Culture members around the world, the list is an intuitive, but curated read on where in the world exciting opportunities and cultural ferment is on the upswing.

In a surprising upset, (spoiler alert) Washington, DC has bumped out Los Angeles and claimed the number one spot on the list this year. Hub Culture attributes this to pervasive worldwide feelings of sobriety, simplicity and desire for quality of life. It’s the first time the buttoned-down DC has ever made this list of happening spots, surely in no small part due to the excitement over the new president.

For our readers who are a bit more flush with cash right now, be sure to also take a look at Hub Culture’s 2009 Lemonade Haven list. If you’re looking for comfortable spots to ride out the recession – check out their listing of laid back spots that embody economic security and relaxed quality of life.

Hub Culture 2009 Zeitgeist Ranking

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