Kengo Kuma’s MUJI Houses

Kengo Kuma’s MUJI Houses
Christine Huang
  • 6 january 2009

Kengo Kuma has taken the understated, elegant aesthetic of Japanese retailer Muji and applied it to two newly designed prefabricated houses. Kuma created the houses for Muji and stuck to the brand’s subdued color palette and forms. The houses are modestly sized and made of standardized parts (available in several variations), with each house starting at around $200,000 USD. Yanko offers more details:

The Window House is based on the idea from feudal-era tea houses where the windows are placed to give strategic views outside, like picture frames, and are mounted low, so that the views are best enjoyed when you are seated.  In addition, the house has several internal windows that allow you to peek through to other rooms in the house.   The window locations are variable, so you can adjust the design to suit your specific site and living tastes.

The Tree House has been built many times and this page describes, in pictures, the incredible variation the Muji houses have.  It is designed to harness natural light and energy.  From the looks of the diagrams \, the floors receiving direct sunlight absorb the energy and radiate it back into the house.  The house has a open interior balcony to introduce cross breezes combined with a chimney effect.  In addition, energy-efficient materials are used elsewhere.

Yanko Design: Muji Houses by Kengo Kuma


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