License Plate Texting

License Plate Texting
Allison Mooney
  • 2 january 2009

In a press release detailing the perils of texting at the wheel, SayType just announced their speech-to-text service that enables hands-free texting, email and internet search. What really caught our eye, though, was a service called “license plate messaging”. Here’s how it works:

Say “Plate” then begin with the license plate number. e.g. 7k66665, then continue with your message, you left your car door open and your lights on. To add a license plate number, or add/modify/remove contact information, visit

WhyHonk marks the emergence of a truly “mobile” social network. You can send a voice message to any car you see by calling (916) 502-3498 and leaving their license plate number along with your message. It’s then converted to text and added to their searchable database. You can search your license plate number for messages online or on their mobile site ( or register it to get the messages straight to your cellphone.

We’re not sure how many people would prefer to text rather than honk–not exactly the same gratification–but it’s an interesting angle. That said, we could easily see a “mobile dating” phenomenon (a la sexting, toothing, Craigslist, etc) spring up around this.

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