There's an interesting stat over on PC World about the relative growth of the number of Apple computer users that browse the web versus Windows operated PC users. In December, 88.7% of the people who browsed monitored Web sites did so using machines powered by Windows – the first time the number of users has dipped below 90%. Meanwhile PC World reports that Apple's Mac OS X's share of web users is growing – with 9.6% of web users users.

While we regularly hear stories about Apple's creep into Microsoft's market – what's interesting is that these figures report on what could be considered ‘living computers' rather than ‘dead' ones. There's often a lot of talk about how small Apple's share and that it doesn't really matter to Microsoft. The thing is that the published stats often count all the machines stuck in aging office blocks that lack web access. Isn't it time to only consider a computer is really a computer if it has web access? Thinking like that might make Microsoft care a little more about its share.

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