Madrid Re-Thinks Their Urban Spaces

Madrid Re-Thinks Their Urban Spaces
Arts & Culture
Claudia Cukrov
  • 16 january 2009

The latest project from Spanish design company Luzinterruptus, Personal reading in public sites attempts to make passers-by rethink the usability of typically uninviting and hidden urban spaces.  Luzinterruptus’ ‘intervention’ was carried out on the particularly freezing night of January 5, installing twelve lamp and detective book combos throughout Madrid.

Hidden places in scaffoldings, a homeless sleeping-place, a box office of an old cinema which closed years ago, the emergency exit of a theater under construction, the interior of a small concrete container, a bus stop in a commercial street at night, a condom machine after it has been looted, an entrance to a closed shop, a bus stop where buses have never stopped, an out-of order photo booth, an unnecessary bollard in an empty street, the empty carton bed belonging to a tramp. We were inspired by all these sites more than others.

Personal reading in public sites

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