Manhattan Font Reminds Us Why We Heart NY

Manhattan Font Reminds Us Why We Heart NY
Christine Huang
  • 29 january 2009

This new people font from Kapitza may seem oddly familiar to some of you. Dubbed Manhattan, the font is an OpenType font portraying street life in and around the streets, avenues and boulevards of the Big Apple. The font is meant to show “a cross section of people who are living in or visiting this vivacious city.”

From their release:

The wide variety of cultural and economic backgrounds of Manhattan’s people inspired us to document a moment in time of this ever changing and fast moving city. Manhattan is a great place; busy, colourful, unpretentious, noisy, real and alive. Our pedestrians are punctuated with baseball caps, Bermuda shorts, sashaying city girls and traffic police. We think it is full of that metropolitan vibe that only New York can do.

The illustrations were built off of photographs taken in Manhattan, which were then hand-traced to create more real-to-life outlines.

Kapitza Manhattan Font

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