Mattel Introduces Mind Controlled Game

Mattel Introduces Mind Controlled Game
Jeff Squires
  • 12 january 2009

Mattel have just introduced a new game requiring an unprecedented amount concentration. Recently unveiled at CES, Mind Flex requires players to wear a headset equipped with sensors that measure brainwave activity in order to levitate a ball and move it through hoops.

In this video, a representative explains that the sensors detect and measure theta wave output, which as you concentrate, your brain creates more of.  After measuring those waves, it then converts them into a signal and sends it to the game unit, which in turn powers tiny little fans.  The harder you concentrate, the faster they spin and the higher the ball floats.

The game is expected to retail later this year for $80.

Reminds us a lot of Brainball, the game at Wired’s NextFest that required players to clear their mind.

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