Mutant Bike Clubs: Mayhem on Two Wheels

Mutant Bike Clubs: Mayhem on Two Wheels
Arts & Culture
Jeff Squires
  • 13 january 2009

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about bikes and bike culture – with a particular focus on hipsters and their fixed gears.  Lately though, we’ve been noticing a lot of buzz around mutant bike clubs.  Groups like C.H.U.N.K. 666, Cyclecide, or Black Label who hack up old bikes and then weld them back together Frankenstein-style.

These groups often organize ‘bike rodeos,’ where new creations can be shown off, and subsequently destroyed.  The gatherings are typically held in the out skirts of cities – industrial areas where things can get good and rowdy.  Typical activities include tall bike jousting (pictured above), jumping over burning Christmas trees (a seasonal event), crossing wooden planks with unspeakable matter pooled below, lighting fireworks, and drinking lots of beer.

Tod Seelie is a New York based photographer who frequently documents the mayhem of the mutant bike community. Check out some of the images he captured from Black Label’s recent rodeo in New Orleans – and while you’re at it, be sure to take a look at Brooklyn’s Bike Kill.

Make TV also recently produced an interesting segment on Cyclecide, a San Francisco based group, who, along with their wild rides, have created a traveling, pedal-powered carnival.

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