New Modular Hardware Released by Bug Labs at CES 2009

New Modular Hardware Released by Bug Labs at CES 2009
Nicko Margolies
  • 14 january 2009

Bug Labs, a group of innovative engineers, unveiled their new additions to their Bug product at CES that enables users to create a custom device based on fully programmable “bugmodules” that attach to the “bugbase.”  The unusual product gives knowledgeable consumers a chance to build a device that fits their needs, rather than relying on the marketplace to provide something for them or become burdened by a string of different products. 

The first bugmodules were released in 2007 and included a touch-sensitive LCD screen, a motion and accelerometer sensor, a GPS unit and a digital camera with video capabilities.  At the CES conference they unveiled a new string of add-ons that include a DLP projector, a WiFi transmitter, a 3G cell phone connector, audio connectors with speakers and even a QWERTY keyboard module (seen here on the right).  The open source software that comes bundled with the hardware system promises a slew of innovative uses for this hand held device and we look forward to learning more about practical (and impractical) uses for it.  We loved having the Founder and CEO of Bug Labs, Peter Semmelhack, join us recently for our Good Ideas Salon – check out the video coverage of the event.

[via DesignBoom]

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