Objectified: A Story of Industrial Design

Objectified: A Story of Industrial Design
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 28 january 2009

Objects we use in our daily life have a hidden history behind them. It’s a long journey from idea to physical product, one that’s filled with numerous processes and crafting that define the finished item. Gary Hustwit’s latest film, Objectified examines the industrial designers who help create these objects which shape our world.

Hustwit explains the title:

The term objectified has two meanings. One is ‘to be treated with the status of a mere object.’ But the other is ‘something abstract expressed in a concrete form,’ as in the way a sculpture objectifies an artist’s thoughts. It’s the act of transforming creative thought into a tangible object, which is what designers in this film do every day. But maybe there’s a third meaning to this title, regarding the ways these objects are affecting us and our environment. Have we all become objectified?

[via Josh Spear]

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