PSFK Good Ideas Salon London Speaker Coralie Bickford-Smith

PSFK Good Ideas Salon London Speaker Coralie Bickford-Smith
Christine Huang
  • 7 january 2009

Coralie Bickford-Smith is an award winning book cover designer, recently creating several acclaimed series for Penguin Books. She will joining us on our Good Ideas in Design panel at the PSFK Good Ideas Salon London, along with designer/illustrator Kate Moross, Cameron Leslie of fabric, Nicolas Roope of  Hulger/Poke, and moderator Amanda Gore of PSFK, in a discussion on how design can weave a story between an audience and a product, service and brand.

First, who are you and what do you do (in 150 words or less)?

I’m Coralie Bickford-Smith, and I design book covers for Penguin. My recent work includes several series designs for classic fiction. I have also been doing project work with students at LCC exploring the creative process.

You’ll be sharing your ideas on our Good Ideas in Design panel. In one paragraph, can you explain what themes and ideas you hope to touch upon during the discussion?

Story telling through design and the infinite ways to communicate ideas from the inside of a book on the outside. The importance of books as objects, and of their covers as a vital communication tool for bringing readers to the words within. The value of focusing on the creative processes and exploring as widely as possible around a brief before settling on a particular solution.

5 hyperlinks to sites that provide you with inspiration:

Design Related

Design Sponge

Caustic Cover Critic


Ace Jet 170

Thanks, Coralie!

To hear more from Coralie and others, you can purchase your ticket to our Good Ideas Salon London on Jan 30th here.

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