PSFK Good Ideas Salon London Speaker Nicolas Roope

PSFK Good Ideas Salon London Speaker Nicolas Roope
Francisco Hui
  • 7 january 2009

Nicolas Roope, Founder and Creative Director of Hulger/Poke will be joining us on our Good Ideas in Design panel at the PSFK Good Ideas Salon London. Along with Kate Moross, Cameron Leslie of fabric, Coralie Bickford-Smith of Penguin, and moderator Amanda Gore of PSFK, they will touch upon how design can weave a story between an audience and a product, service and brand.

First, who are you and what do you do?

I am Nicolas Roope, founder / creative director of poke and founder / creative director of Hulger. At Poke I’m an active creative director working on communications and design projects across the portfolio. I’m also a company director so part of the management team looking after the company as a whole. At Hulger I conceive product ideas, direct design and drive the company communications.

You’ll be sharing your ideas on our Design panel. In one paragraph, can you explain what themes and ideas you hope to touch upon during the discussion?

Design can be incredibly powerful if applied with a consciousness. And that’s not to be confused with conscience by the way, although a bit of that here and there would be nice. Design isn’t interesting to me when it exists in a vacuum. Art for artists doesn’t interest me either as i don’t see the point, it’s just like watching a dog chasing it’s tail, only more frustrating because so often you look around and everyone seems to be clapping it along. I don’t care about the new chair or new lampshade that ‘X’ just designed because it doesn’t change anything, the gesture is about them and about ‘design’ and nothing else. We’re in the midst of two revolutions, one environmental and one technological, both of which are having the profoundest impact on humanity, a change not seen in our culture since the industrial revolution. Designing another chair isn’t going to help us make sense of this or help us orient ourselves into much needed new behaviours and consumption habits. How will a consciousness about these changes find its way in to our ideas and our work? What are we going to do about it? These questions I ask myself every day and trying to answer them is the thing that excites me the most.

Five links to sites that provide you with inspiration:

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Thanks Nicolas!

To hear more from Nicolas and others, you can purchase your ticket to our Good Ideas Salon London on Jan 30th here.

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