The Daily Routines of Remarkable People

The Daily Routines of Remarkable People
Arts & Culture
Christine Huang
  • 15 january 2009

We like Daily Routines, a simple, inspiring blog highlighting the sometimes fascinating (other times fascinatingly mundane) day-to-day routines of artists, scientists, writers, and other exceptional thinkers and doers throughout history. The blog shows how these remarkable people, from Erik Satie to Charles Darwin to Philip Roth, structured their daily lives to enable them to create and discover most effectively. Darwin followed a strict routine, broken down hour by hour; while Franz Kafka liked to nap his afternoons away (from around 330pm, when his lunch would usually commence, to 730pm, when he’d get up for some excercise). The blog is an interesting, reassuring reminder that there are many paths that lead to success – and that some even call for four-hour midday naps.

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