Transmediale.09: Deep North

Transmediale.09: Deep North
Arts & Culture
Matthias Weber
  • 22 january 2009

The city of Berlin is preparing for this year’s transmediale.09, an international festival of Media Arts established in 1988. In good tradition, transmediale kicks off with a grand opening on January 27th, just shortly before the opening of the Berlin International Film Festival.

This year, the curators have taken on the theme “Deep North,” looking at the broader scape of human interaction with global systems. Their site reads:

In the context of climate change, transmediale.09 reflects on the urgency to read global events in fundamentally new ways, developing new cultural vocabularies factoring the autonomous and critical nature of art into the complexity of these equations.

By converting the House of World Cultures (HKW) into a makeshift zone of cultural shelter, transmediale.09 sets off on its journey into these deep states of fragility, insecurity and temporality.

The festival consists of a conference section entitled “Making / Thinking: The Cultural Tomorrow” with a strong focus on how we can achieve a fundamental shift in cultural perception, accompanied by the Salon “The Digital Greenhouse”, a place for strategic, artistic, performative and netbased discourse. Artists and cultural activists from all over the world are invited to exchange their ideas and showcase their work in progress.

The event will be spiced up by the legendary Club Transmediale, where electronic and experimental culture are celebrated alongside a series of events under the theme STRUCTURES: Backing-up Independent Audio-visual Cultures. Here, theoretical and practical aspects of today’s independent and experimental music production at the intersections of pop and sound & media arts will undergo thoughtful reflection and discussion.

Finally, the transmediale award exhibition puts together global talent shortlisted for this year’s award. To get an overview of what will be going on in Berlin between January 28 – February 1 you might want to take a look at unlike’s transmediale picks, or review the festival’s entire schedule as a PDF.

PSFK Germany will be around from January 28-31.


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