A couple of weeks ago we talked about Americans’ rising reliance on the web rather than print or TV for their news – which has led many to ponder the logical, if prematurely sentimental question: “What will you miss about newspapers when they disappear?” But while some have already begun eulogizing over the loss of an institution, Seth Godin poses a considered response – what are we really losing and what are we really going to miss?

Godin argues that some sections he doesn’t see disappearing at all – like sports, weather, op-eds, comics, and restaurant and movie reviews – pieces that are all readily available on the web now. And page-long advertisements as well as “woodpulp, printing presses, typesetting machines, delivery trucks, those stands on the street and the newsstand” – Godin contends we’ll probably be fine without. So what’s left? What will we be missing? Godin says:

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