World Superhero Registery

World Superhero Registery
Claudia Cukrov
  • 28 january 2009

The World Superhero Registry is a website dedicated to real-life superheros.  Most of the profiled ‘hero’s’ participate in crime-fighting, with many having their alter-ego’s acknowledged by the local media.  The site lists the character’s name, category, activity level, notoriety level, possible arch-enemies and location; along with their favourite quotes and links to their website.  According to WRS a ‘superhero’ is classed as;

a person who does good deeds or fights crime while in costume.  This is a movement among ordinary people to make the world a better place in an extraordinary way. There are always those who will take something less seriously, but the Real-Life Superhero community is generally composed of sincere, well meaning people who have finally decided to go out and make a difference.

With all the vigilante action posted on WRS, website visitors are first directed to a Terms and Conditions page, in which they must agree;

they are not doing so as a representative of a law-enforcement agency and that they will not use the information contained in this website to pursue criminal or civil legal action against any parties involved with this website in any way whatsoever.

Superheros gain profile status by gaining notoriety for daily activities and are added by the website’s administrators. Those budding hero’s still to gain public attention can submit a data profile CD to the registry provided they take the following precautions:

  • Submit your data on a CD, floppy disk or thumb drive mailed to the address provided.
  • Buy the storage medium you use with cash, preferably during a sale.
  • Never touch the storage medium unless you are wearing thick gloves.
  • Do not allow any dust particles, stray hairs, or other debris to come in contact with the storage medium.
  • In order to ship your submission to us, use brand new envelopes purchased with cash. Do not touch the envelopes at any time unless you are wearing thick gloves.
  • Do not allow stray hairs or other debris to adhere to the adhesive flap, or be trapped inside the envelope.
  • Do not use stamps that have to be licked.
  • Do not use envelopes that have to be licked.
  • Do not touch the stamps unless wearing thick gloves.
  • Do not allow hair or debris to be trapped between the stamp and the envelope.
  • Deposit your application in a mailbox as far from your potential area of operation as is possible.

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