Amidst Recession, Diesel Goes Big on 5th Ave

Amidst Recession, Diesel Goes Big on 5th Ave
Orli Sharaby
  • 19 february 2009

Diesel has just opened its largest store ever on Fifth Avenue in NYC, an event obviously several years in the making, but which comes at a time when brands are canceling their runway shows and store closures are a dime a dozen. Diesel’s new store boasts “over 700 different denim styles and washes on every floor” and it makes you think if this store is going to be able to move all that merchandise, or if it’s just a brand play that will have residual effects on worldwide sales.

Maybe even more interesting, the window displays at Diesel Planet, as the store is called, will be the scene of their “Five on Fifth” series, in which New York personalities – socialites, reality TV stars, and sports stars – get to sit down for a real life meal while passers-by watch them chow down in the glass box. So while Diesel shows off its new retail mecca, laid off pedestrians can ogle at the richest among us in their “natural” environment.

[via Time]

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