Audience Thoughts on Why Good Ideas Matter?

Audience Thoughts on Why Good Ideas Matter?
Jeff Squires
  • 18 february 2009

This past January, PSFK held a Good Ideas Salon in London bringing together the most forward-thinking tastemakers, innovators, and experts from around the world to discuss key areas steering innovation and opportunity.  In addition the the good ideas presented, we wanted to hear what our audience had to say, so we’re doing a series of posts containing feedback and comments from the event sourced from blogs, magazines, and twitter.  We’ve distilled the commentary, now you tell us which is the best idea…

At the Good Ideas Salon London, Mark Earls, author of Herd, started the day off by discussing the importance of gathering inspiration across categories, market sectors, and groups – and ultimately, how to turn those insights into mass change. Effectively, Mark explains why innovation is important.

One of the re-occurring things people seemed to have picked up on, is that innovation is an exercise that needs to be practiced. Kevin McCullagh of Core77 writes, “one of the really useful aspects of new ideas are that they help us test out our old ones.” The mere process of looking for new ideas allows you to challenge whether or not your existing ones are any good. Even if a new idea is not perfect, it can still shine a new light on existing ideas.

Over on iris‘ blog, Under the Influence, we’re reminded that an additional benefit to constantly keeping your ‘new ideas radar’ running is that it prepares you for the real game-changing opportunities when they do come. Like an art director who “just knows” -by routinely going through the process of monitoring new ideas, you can train your brain to pick the winner.

This idea of continual experimentation is not limited to individuals. During the event, wearewhatif twittered “unless big co’s play with new ideas, they can never get close to implementing them.”

And looking beyond the obvious tectonic shifts that can be inspired by innovation, , that the quest for new ideas is good for business because it simply makes everyone’s jobs more interesting. If people are interested and engaged, they produce better ideas of their own and are more inclined to see them through.

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