Building ‘Blind Spots’ for the New Urban Environment

Building ‘Blind Spots’ for the New Urban Environment
Arts & Culture
Jeff Squires
  • 4 february 2009

With the intention of stimulating discussion and debate on how digital networks are transforming our notion of public and private space, the recent Radiator Festival featured numerous projects challenging the dominant forces at work in urban environment and exploring the new territories opened up by hybrid spaces.

One of our favorite projects came from Köbberling&Kaltwasser, who meticulously mapped out all of the spaces within Nottingham city that escape the gaze of CCTV cameras.  In these ‘blind spots,’ they built small wooden structures from found materials and made them available for anyone to step into at any time for “un-determined acts.”

The German duo explain:

The work will be an act of resistance to occupy and reclaim a space and change its meaning. At the same time, the work mirrors the socio-economic aspect of the city – the city as a resource, the materiality of the city, the free material of a city.

‘Blind Spot’ asks for sustainability, encouraging similar spaces everywhere to resist the powers that be, the powers that create a homogenised surveillance state.

[via We Make Money Not Art]


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