Dura Ace 7970: A New Era in Cycling

Dura Ace 7970: A New Era in Cycling
Claudia Cukrov
  • 17 february 2009

The days of bike riders manually changing gears whilst powering up a steep inclines may soon be over.  Bicycle component manufacturer Shimano Australia is set to revolutionize the bicycle with their new Dura Ace 7970 electronic gear shifting system.   A revised version of the initial Dura Ace rear derailleur back in 1973, the new edition features Di2, or ‘Digital Integrated Intelligence’, allowing the gears to change electronically, rather than mechanically.  Containing Dual Control Levers, electronically operated front and rear derailleurs and a battery kit, Dual Ace 7970 is especially handy during time trials and triathlons as it allows users to shift gears whilst braking using its multi-position shifters.

Dura Ace 7970 is set for release early 2009.

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