For Water Purists: The Iuosen Pot by Hario Glass

For Water Purists: The Iuosen Pot by Hario Glass
Design & Architecture
Christine Huang
  • 18 february 2009

Hario Glass‘s Iuosen Pot is not your average water pitcher: equipped with a metal cage filled with iouseki stones and binchotan charcoal, the pot infuses typical H20 with a fresh, springwater taste and odor. The stones are what account for the distinctive, natural mineral flavor, while the charcoal absorbs solutes like chlorine and metals, while softening the water. And as Boingboing found, the special ‘iouseki’ stones have some sort of (unconfirmed) medicinal properties:

…Iouseki is famous as a medical stone and the two stones elute minerals, are porous and provided with strong adsorption force and ion exchange function and provided with an effct of removing bleaching powder smell, adsorbing and removing poisonous organic compounds and, at a same time, carrying out ion exchange in an alkaline direction with respect to pH of water. That is, minerals are added further to mineral portions of tap water and activated water good for human body can be finished.

While we can’t vouch for its health benefits, the lovely pot certainly puts our Brita to shame.

[via boingboing]

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