Furniture to Fashion: Kartell and .normaluisa’s Modern Cinderella Slipper

Furniture to Fashion: Kartell and .normaluisa’s Modern Cinderella Slipper
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  • 13 february 2009

As a well-known Italian furniture designer, Kartell’s strengths also lie in their extensive experience with and use of plastics and injection-molding technology. Normaluisa, an Italian fashion designer, has developed a clothing line that is inspired by Cinderella’s epic love story. The collaboration brings to life a ballerina flat of plastic that comes in two forms: a two-tone color-scheme or solid. The two-tone flats are either transparent and opaque color combination or two opaque color combinations. The flats have both a classic and edgy feel and it doesn’t hurt that they’re waterproof too.

Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s marketing and retail manager, was the vision behind this project: “For me, Kartell is not merely a design company, but an authentic lifestyle brand. It has been the leading brand in experimentation with plastics for sixty years and has made transparency its trademark. Consequently, when I started to think about a range of shoes, it was natural to give the product our imprint. Joining forces with Normaluisa – a brand I have known and loved since its foundation – was an equally natural choice, for it shares chic, feminine and timeless style.” Normaluisa adds: “For Normaluisa the future is yesterday. Kartell’s ‘Glue Cinderella’ shoes have enabled us to project the fairy tale of Cinderella into tomorrow, for all the Cinderellas of today.”

The shoes retail for $135 or £90 and are now available globally.

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