George Parker: Going out of business sale… Everything must go!

George Parker: Going out of business sale… Everything must go!
George Parker
  • 10 february 2009

So, I was over in the UK a couple of weeks ago. A week too early for the PSFK Good Ideas Salon, which I was forced to miss as Piers wouldn’t put me up in one of Ian Schrager’s outrageously expensive, poseur hotels for a week while I emptied the $20 a pop mini-bar. Tight sod!

Anyway, the thing is, it would appear that the economy over there is just as desperate as it is over here. You walk down Oxford Street and all you see are empty stores, with the ones still open discounting everything by up to 80%. I visited friends in a few agencies, which I shall not name, well with one exception, ‘cos it’s my column. The overall impression I got was that the BDA’s (that’s Big Dumb Agencies, for our new readers – have you noticed how many wankers are using that acronym now? I wish I had some kind of IP rights over that. Yeah, I know “fucktard” is more or less in the public domain, but BDA and possibly “douchenozzle” are mine. Oh, what the hell, feel free to use them, ‘cos I’m a prince.)… Anyway, I digress and I’m still only on my second martini.

I visited a couple of the London outposts of the Poisoned Dwarfs Empire, both of which reminded me a bit of Oxford Street. They were open, but not many people seemed to be frenziedly snatching stuff off the shelves. Still, they let me in, and everyone was very nice, which is surprising when you consider what I have said about Sir Martin over the years. I guess he must have been out of town attending to his offshore banking chores. I also did a couple of independent shops where my mates hang out, and while not setting the world on fire, they are surviving, and just as importantly, they are having fun doing it. This is more than I can say about virtually all the BDA’s I’m in touch with on both sides of the pond. The one shop I will mention by name is the London office of Wieden + Kennedy, which I am sure all loyal readers of psfk know, has the best fucking ad blog of any agency on the face of the planet, bar none. What’s so nice about it is that apart from being really interesting and full of good stuff, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Compare that to such disasters as Enfatico’s “nextstoryboard,” or Kevin Robert’s LoveNozzle efforts at “saatchikevin.” In common with other BDA blogs, and there are surprisingly few out there, they fail to observe the first rule of blogging… Actually the first rule of any form of communication… If you don’t have anything interesting to say… Shut the fuck up!


George Parker is a guest columnist for He the perpetrator of, which is without doubt, one of the most foul and annoying, piss & vinegar ad blogs on the planet. He is the author of MadScam and his next book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders, which you can order now on Amazon. He will be promoting the crap out of it in coming weeks. Pour yourself, etc, etc.

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