Google Transforms A Paper Mill Into A Data Center

Google Transforms A Paper Mill Into A Data Center
Scott Ballum
  • 13 february 2009

As if we hadn’t already heard that print is dead and digital is the future, Reuters reports that Google has bought a paper mill in southeastern Finland, in which it plans to build a massive data center. Not only is this purchase an ironic sign of the times, it’s another step Google is making toward staying ahead of its competitors Microsoft and Yahoo. As the NY Times reports, Google is turning barren and once industrial spaces into sprawling data centers to hold their growing wealth of information. They describe one such large-scale initiative currently underway in rural Oregon:

Behind the curtain of secrecy, the two buildings here — and a third that Google has a permit to build — will probably house tens of thousands of inexpensive processors and disks, held together with Velcro tape in a Google practice that makes for easy swapping of components. The cooling plants are essential because of the searing heat produced by so much computing power.

The complex will tap into the region’s large surplus of fiber optic networking, a legacy of the dot-com boom.

[via GOOD and NYT]

[photo of Stora Enso Paper MIll on Flickr by Henri Bonell]

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