How Far Brands Are Integrating With Our Entertainment

How Far Brands Are Integrating With Our Entertainment
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 17 february 2009

A slideshow on highlights how far brands are going to get infused with popular entertainment. A review of eighteen “innovations” from CAA describes how the talent-turned-marketing agency goes about working with content makers and corporations to create a win-win for both parties.

In the slideshow, we see examples that include how CAA helped Neutrogena introduce a 22-year-old Neutrogena scientist into LonelyGirl15; and how they “wove” Cisco, Acura, Microsoft and UPS into the plot of web series Gemini Division.

All very interesting and not necessarily bad if it also means a ‘win’ for the audience too. Fast Company comments by saying:

With the media landscape changing faster than a J.J. Abrams storyline, Hollywood talent agencies can no longer rely on last century’s business model. That’s why powerhouse CAA is as interested in transforming a sports celeb into a Web 2.0 maven as it is in turning a brand into a Webisode character. Here are some of CAA’s recent innovative deals.


“Creative Artists Agency’s Innovation Machine” Slideshow | Fast Company


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