iPhone Turns to Crime

Dan Gould
  • 18 february 2009

The iPhone has been a wonderfully handy gadget thus far. Its sleek interface and near-unlimited amount of useful applications make it a kind of digital Swiss Army knife that can do it all – including crime.

Webtopia, an Australian company has released a card counting app called “A Blackjack Card Counter,” for the iPhone and iPod Touch which has Las Vegas casinos in an uproar. Though it’s meant as a tool to train yourself to count cards (which isn’t illegal), the use of any kind of electronic device is. Card counting, which helps blackjack players know the best time to bet, is made much easier with these kinds of programs. Users would simply tap different buttons as cards are dealt, and the program will keep track. It can also be run in a blank screen stealth mode where the phone will simply vibrate when it thinks you should bet.

This is an early example of iPhone based hi jinks, but be sure that more is on the way. When such powerful computing can be carried around in a pocket, mischief as well as good is sure to follow.

CNN has more:

[via Trendhunter]

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