Japan Gets E-Newspaper, Ailments Via Wind Turbines

Japan Gets E-Newspaper, Ailments Via Wind Turbines
Joel Horowitz
  • 10 february 2009

Fujitsu is on their way to releasing color electronic newsprint to select test restaurant locations. Fujitsu announced the plan four years ago, and the technology finally seems to be ready for the public. The advertising-based medium uses wireless LAN services for content delivery and is robust enough to be handled by countless lunch-goers, running through an entire business day without needing a charge (e-paper only uses power when the information displayed changes).

Where will these cool electronic devices get their power? Perhaps from one of Japan’s 1,400 electricity-generating wind turbines – much to the dismay of its neighbors. Asahi Shimbun reports that over 70 residents living close to these massive propellers could be getting ill from the low-frequency sounds generated by these behemoths. Clean Technica recently published an article about the ails of large wind-turbines; and while some of the claims are disputed, researchers and local residents generally agree that the turbines produce annoying, low-level and potentially harmful noises similar to the vibration of large air conditioners. Whether these propellers are the cause of the residents’ health problems has yet to be determined.

To see how e-paper is getting on in the US, check out our overview of Amazon’s Kindle 2.

[via Engadget and Clean Technica]

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