LED Installation Lights Up Parisian Street

LED Installation Lights Up Parisian Street
Jeff Squires
  • 19 february 2009

PATACHROMO, a brilliant installation by French artists Superbien, was based on the principles of CHROMOtherapy seen through the lense of PATAphysics . Presented as a succession of animated light frames lasting about 2 minutes each, the PATACHROMO program is provided as a tool for passers-by to face the grey Parisian winter weather with more serenity. How? According to the project page on Superbien’s website: “by exposing one’s chakras to the light diffused by the LED structure of the installation (covering a surface of 6.65 sq meters).”

We love the idea of walking down a dark and lonely Parisian street and stumbling upon this vibrant, fountain of color. And if nothing else, the imagery documenting the project is quite remarkable – it looks as though people are actually absorbing the colors as they pass by.

[via Fubiz]


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