NVDRS Cassette Tape: Designing Limitations to Manage Digital Abundance

NVDRS Cassette Tape: Designing Limitations to Manage Digital Abundance
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 18 february 2009

These days, designers are looking for ways to add tactile experience and analog physicality to devices that have become virtual and digital. Looking to create interfaces beyond flat touchscreens, they are embracing the clunky and perhaps flawed, but tangible aesthetic of the past.

The NVDRS Cassette Tape concept design utilizes this old-is-new mentality. It’s a digital music player, that uses limitations and physical movement to create a unique music listening experience. Keeping with the 45/60/90 minute limits of traditional cassette tapes, the NVDRS forces you to carefully select the songs you’d like to hear, and not just dump thousands upon thousands of MP3s onto it. Playback is controlled by a slider to play songs, and twisting one of the tape “spools” back and forth will fast forward or rewind the music. A tedious process that will also encourage taking your time and enjoying the songs. The other spool acts as a kinetic power charger – rotating this spool powers up the device.

All in all, an interesting gadget, one that reflects the necessity of designing limitations to manage and curate information overload and abundance.

[via Yanko Design]

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