Pic: American Heart Association’s Ad Fumble

Pic: American Heart Association’s Ad Fumble
Contributing Writer
  • 6 february 2009

Gored: v. to pierce with or as if with a horn or tusk.

A new campaign by the American Heart Association bears an unfortunate resemblance to the popular (RED) campaign we’ve discussed a bit (controversially) here before. The latter campaign, which raises awareness of AIDS/HIV around the world, embeds the word red in other words, e.g. desi(red) and inspi(red) in various products. The Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign, while probably equally as inspired, seems a little less thought out. This poster we saw outside a subway stop in NYC beared the words “go” and “red” that, when read together (as the ad makes it easy to do) add up to a word that seems ill-suited for promoting the fight against heart disease…

– Contributed by David Friedlander


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