Pop-Up Businesses

Pop-Up Businesses
Dan Gould
  • 27 february 2009

BusinessWeek’s 20 Most Important Inventions of the Next 10 Years will not hold many surprises for readers of PSFK. Although there are plenty of impressive innovations, most of them have been covered heavily in the media, and are being realized now. They are more like innovations of the present rather than “the next 10 years.” In a decade, we should be witnessing stuff that will make these selections look pale in comparison.

One concept that did strike us as new and noteworthy was the idea of a pop-up business. Not the over-used pop-up retail store, but rather a company that comes together to work on a individual project, and disbands after the work is done. A very spot-on view into the emerging work culture of pervasive perma-freelancing.

BusinessWeek: “Pop-Up Businesses”

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