Report from Middle America: Black Bear Bakery in St. Louis

Report from Middle America: Black Bear Bakery in St. Louis
Arts & Culture
Christine Huang
  • 12 february 2009

Black Bear Bakery is a St. Louis legend: the worker-run bakery bakes old world “Lickhalter” breads, using the original recipes of the historic St. Louis Lickhalter Bakery, as well as granola, pastries and pizzas. Their products are mostly organic and made from scratch, including their fair-trade coffees and teas.

The bakery has been cooperatively owned and run since 1998 – and their commitment to ecological and social responsibility have established them as a thought leader in the community. As they explain on their site:

Black Bear Bakery is an anti-authoritarian, anti-ideological collective. The project has four primary goals:

  1. To produce healthy, affordable food using ecological methods.
  2. To foster consensus-based decision making in a dynamic environment that challenges division-of-labor and capital-based, hierarchical business.
  3. To present participants with opportunities and tools for sustenance and individual growth in a worker controlled and operated bakery.
  4. To organize and embrace anarchic grassroots agitation, information, and action.

Black Bear Bakery

Thanks to Scott Burns for the tip!

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