“Still Sitting Still”: New Take on Gallery Space

“Still Sitting Still”: New Take on Gallery Space
Arts & Culture
Claudia Cukrov
  • 12 february 2009

Australian artists Daniel Moynihan’s latest exhibition Still Sitting Still makes an unusual use of gallery space.  Constructing a giant iceberg in one room, the Melbourne-based artist has installed a periscope for visitors to view the the giant mass’ tip.

Moynihan explains his work:

The relocation of this daunting mass that drifts with a peaceful uncertainty creates a visual demonstration of how impressions can be twisted or exaggerated to suit the moment. The selective process of recalling events is translated into a tangible presence by combining common materials with an alternative use of gallery space. The iceberg sits above and below the water. Exposing what is normally hidden the object acts as an altered amalgamation of stories retold on a grand scale. Giving leverage to their existence, parts are often intentionally left out or simply forgotten, remaining hidden.

The exhibition is showing at the Utopian Slumps gallery in Collingwood, Victoria and runs until Saturday the 21st of February.

Daniel Moynihan – Still Standing Still


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