For those seeking simplicity in a world of ever-increasing technological and societal complexity, what better role model is there than the Amish? In his blog, Kevin Kelly offers a fascinating article about these pioneers of DIY culture.  He explains that the Amish are master tinkerers and far from being unanimously opposed to technology; that technological adoption—like using electricity, GMO corn, etc.—is commonplace.  Depending on one’s parish, the Amish have different policies regarding technological adaptation.  What he says is a big difference between us and them (assuming you’re not Amish), is, “In contemporary [Western] society our default is set to say ‘yes’ to new things, and in Old Order Amish societies the default is set to ‘no.’ When new things come around, the Amish automatically start by refusing them.”  Only after the refusal do they assess something’s merits.

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