The Mobile Laser Bike Lane

The Mobile Laser Bike Lane
Nicko Margolies
  • 11 february 2009

Bicycles are some of the most vulnerable of all vehicles on the modern motorway and while bike lanes are an incredibly effective way to protect the bicyclist’s safety, they are all too rare on today’s roads.  Repainting roads, at an estimated $5,000 to $50,000 a mile, certainly makes accommodations for the quiet, healthy and relatively slow travelers unattractive to local governments.  Some cyclists have taken to creating their own guerrilla bike lanes, but cities are quick to reclaim the roadways.  Most advocates argue that without a breakthrough there won’t be much change in sharing the road.

Enter LightLane, a conceptual product that brings the bike lane with you.  By projecting a lane from under the bike seat via a set of lasers, the motorist can easily become aware of the cyclists and gauge how much room to give.  Hopefully this design will be put into action soon.

[via GOOD]

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