“This Way” Design Combines the Best of Cars and Bikes

“This Way” Design Combines the Best of Cars and Bikes
Design & Architecture
Dan Gould
  • 4 february 2009

A winner has been announced for the “Commuter Bike For The Masses” competition sponsored by the Bicycle Design blog. The design brief was to come up with a bike which would persuade the average person, with no previous interest in cycling, to take it up in place of  driving.

Torkel Dohmers “This Way” bike has taken first place in the contest, borrowing liberally from the visual language of automobiles. Looking like a 3 way cross between a bike, a child’s Big Wheel toy and a golf cart, it uses the best elements of bikes and cars to create a new hybrid vehicle. Its lower profile and roof add extra elements of safety and comfort to the riding experience, while maintaining the health and environmental benefits of manual cycling.

[via Design Addict]

+Environmental / Green
+fitness / sport

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