Video: Linda Stone on Continuous Partial Attention

Dan Gould
  • 20 february 2009

Linda Stone at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo

Writer and consultant Linda Stone, who coined the phrase “continuous partial attention”, shares some thoughts on the effects of pervasive digital technology in a newly released Gel video (above).

Economist Justin Wehr has pulled out some salient quotes (from Via founder Dee Hock) that Stone uses in the presentation:

Noise becomes data when it has a cognitive pattern.

Data becomes information when it’s assembled into a coherent whole, which can be related to other information.

Information becomes knowledge when it’s integrated with other information in a form useful for making decisions and determining actions.

Knowledge becomes understanding when it’s related to other knowledge in a manner useful for anticipating, judging, and acting.

Understanding becomes wisdom when it’s informed by purpose, ethics, principles, memory, and projection.

Wehr In the World: “Continuous Partial Attention”

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